FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)

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FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)
FIREBIRD F753M1 (Orange)

Firebird F753M1 model is made in the traditional tourist knives performance: folding knife with stainless steel blade, which does not rust, this model also has light and strong handle.

Knife Type Folding
Lock Type G-ock
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop Point
Blade Material 440C (58-60 HRC)
Blade Color Silver
Handle Material G10
Handle Color Orange
Total Length, mm 210
Blade Length, mm 77
Blade Thickness, mm 3.3
Knife Weight, g 126
Warranty 1 year

Ganzo G7531

Firebird F753M1 also has all necessary qualities to become a faithful companion for its owner. It doesn't rust when you use the knife in wet conditions. F753M1 has 440C stainless steel blade. This material belongs to the number of corrosion resistant alloys. At the same time, this alloy has 58HRC hardness. So, F753M1's blade remains sharp for a long time. Dimensions of blade are universal:length - 89mm, thickness - 3.3 mm.The shape of the blade - clip-point. Firebird F753M1 has a smooth sharpening, this type of sharpening is considered classic and one of the most versatile. Another important point - blade finishing, F753M1 is made with help of satin finishing technique.

The two scales on the handle are mounted on both sides of a steel base. Firebird F753M1 handle is lightweight and durable. This features are achieved by using composite fiberglass. It is high-quality G10 material which is practically in no way inferior to the metal fortress, but weighs almost like an ordinary plastic. Moreover, F753M1 model comes in three versions. So, you can choose this knife in orange, dark green or black colors. Also, handle design includes lanyard hole and the opportunity to set the clip for carrying on a belt.

Firebird F753M1 is created with G-Lock. It is a robust lock design, which allows you to use this knife conveniently in wide range of situations. 


  • Pocket knife;

  • G-Lock;

  • G10 fiberglass handle;

  • Rust resistant 440C steel;

  • Satin finishing of blade;

  • Plain sharpening;

  • Blade length - 77 mm;

  • Hardness of steel - 58HRC;

  • Knife weigh - 81 grams.

  • Warranty period is 1 year from the date sale of the item.


Lock type
Handle color
Handle metarial
Blade material
Article No.
126 g/pcs
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