Handle material type

Carbon fiber:
This material has a composite structure which makes it very high strength and long lasting. However, the weight of the carbon fiber handle is similar to that of ordinary plastic. It provides abrasion resistance, strength and durability, does not absorb water and does not fade in sunlight.

G10 is a fiberglass fabric bonded with epoxy resin. Very resistant to environmental influences. Shockproof, waterproof, easy to machine and paint. This material is an excellent choice for knives due to its mentioned properties. Provides an ergonomic, comfortable, non-slip grip.

It is made of durable plastic.

Steel with more pronounced stainless properties.

Fiber glass:
This is made of fiber glass, which is known for high strength, and it's inert to many types of corrosion.

The base of the handle is steel but the main body is made of dark wood.