Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS

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Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS
Knife Ganzo Firebird FH12-SS

A small pocket knife is required on any trip to nature. And if this is the Firebird FH12-SS, any job can be overcome as simply as possible. This is a universal blade of high-quality steel, the handle of which is also made of metal. The design of this model uses a Frame-lock.

Knife Type Folding
Lock Type Frame Lock
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop Point
Blade Material D2
Blade Color Grey
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Handle Color Grey
Total Length, mm 205
Closed Length, mm 118
Blade Length, mm 87
Blade Thickness, mm 3.3
Knife Weight, g 112
Warranty 1 year

Firebird FH12-SS:

The Firebird Company presented another universal model of a folding knife focused on tourists and fans of other kinds of active leisure. It has good parameters that are suitable for fishermen, hunters, workers who need additional tools. At the same time, the concise and stylish design chosen for the knife is also its advantage.

The blade of this model has a length of 8.7 cm with a maximum thickness of 0.33 cm. It is suitable for working with a variety of materials, as it sharpened smoothly, and the high hardness of the metal makes the cutting edge resistant to creasing. Manufacturers have chosen D2 quality steel for the Firebird FH12-SS blade. It is of semi-stainless steel on its characteristics so the knife is recommended to keep dry. This metal is quenched to a hardness of 60HRC. You will need some skill to sharpen such a knife; however, it is possible to do even in field conditions. Another feature of the Firebird FH12-SS is that the blade is almost opaque due to the metal grinding using Stone Washed method.

The handle is also entirely made of steel, although stainless metal is selected for it. It is very simple in form and has only a notch for fingers at the bottom. By the way, the knife opens by a fin and in the open form, it gives additional protection to fingers, continuing the line of this notch on the handle. In addition, a steel clip is bolted on the handle of the knife, which can be easily moved to the other side.

Work with a Firebird FH12-SS knife is absolutely safe due to the fact that its blade could be fixed in the open position by a built-in lock of Frame-lock design. This is a simple lock designed for long service with minimal care. The locking plate of it is one of the steel handle parts.

The full size of the open and ready-to-use knife is 20.5 cm. The weight of the Firebird FH12-SS model is 112 g.

Peculiar properties:

  • folding knife for universal use in nature and in the city;
  • the model is entirely made of metal;
  • the material for the blade is D2 steel;
  • the material for the handle is stainless steel;
  • the length of the blade is 8.7 cm;
  • the total length of the open knife is 20.5 cm;
  • the model weighs 112 g;
  • the blade shape – Drop-point;
  • the smooth sharpening is used for the blade;
  • the metal surface is ground using Stone washed method;
  • the design used a Frame-lock.

Warranty: the Model of Firebird FH12-SS knife is available with the official manufacturers' warranty, which is exactly 1 year.

Ganzo Friebird FH12-SS


If you need to buy a universal knife that can easily cope with the tasks relevant for hiking, fishing or everyday life in the city, the model Firebird FH12-SS is suitable for this purpose as well as possible. This knife is entirely made of metal and therefore looks very stylish and concise. It is convenient to work due to the fact that the handle and the blade are of sufficient size and convenient shape. The knife blade is made of D2 steel. This metal belongs to the family of semi-stainless alloys is alloyed with nickel and chromium, which allows it to resist corrosion successfully. It has high hardness and the knives made of D2 steel do not need sharpening often. The Firebird FH12-SS blade length is equal to 87 mm. It got the Drop point shape with plain (smooth) cutting edge sharpening. The thickness of the butt is 3.3 mm. The blade in this knife model is polished by mass finishing, which makes it completely matte. The blade is also painted in a dark, almost black color.

The manufacturers decided to use a different brand of steel for the knife handle with more pronounced stainless properties; therefore, this model is perfect for field trips: fishing, hunting or tourism. The type of handle surface treatment is the same as that of the knife blade. To one of the sides, the mandatory for pocket blades element – clamping clip is bolted.

To use this folding knife safely, the manufacturers provided it with the Frame-lock. One of its parts is the handle. The blade stroke is blocked by a strong steel plate. It cannot be folded without first moving the plate to the side. Such lock serves without any complaints for at least a few years.

The total length of the FH12-SS model in the open position is 205 mm. This pocket knife weighs 112 g.

Peculiar properties:

  • the convenient foldable design;
  • the folded length – 118 mm;
  • the knife weighs only 112 g;
  • the blade is made of D2 steel;
  • the sharpening of the cutting edge is made smooth;
  • the blade is Drop point shaped;
  • the thickness of the butt is 3.3 mm;
  • the handle is made of stainless steel;
  • the color of the blade and handle – black;
  • the Frame lock is installed.

Warranty: Firebird FH12-SS knives are available with manufacturer one-year warranty.

Lock type
Flipper Lock
Handle color
Handle metarial
Stainless steel
Blade material
Article No.
114 g/pcs
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